2018-19 School Year Tuition Rates

Click here to view tuition and fee schedule for 2018-19 (Ohio residents only).

Click here to view tuition and fee schedule for students who qualify for an EdChoice Scholarship in 2018-19.

Click here to view tuition and fee schedule for students who attend Apollo in 2018-19. 


  • All tuition is due by July 1 by Cash, Credit Card (3% convenience fee) or loan from FACTS. (The Fundraising Deposit may be included in the loan.)
  • Please see Scholarship & Assistance for more information about financial aid, loans and scholarships.  A student tuition assistance program is available for ALL who have demonstrated a financial need.  FACTS Student Aid Forms need to be filled out online by May 11  to apply for financial aid for the 2018-19 school year.
  • All student accounts must be kept current. Failure to keep tuition accounts current will result in one or more of the following:
  1. Grade cards will NOT be released.
  2. Student will forfeit his/her tuition assistance.
  3. Student will not receive his/her diploma and transcripts will NOT be sent to other schools or colleges.
  4. Student will NOT be allowed to register for the following year.
  5. Student will be subject to dismissal from LCC.
  • Any family that incurs unexpected financial difficulties during the school year should contact the school as soon as possible to make special arrangements.
  • To set up an appointment to discuss your personal situation or for any general tuition questions, please contact Jane Keirns  at 419-222-4276, ext. 2006, or

$375 Refundable Fundraising Deposit

Each student must participate in fundraisers during each school year. In order to make it fair for all the students, there is a $375.00 refundable fundraising deposit. Families can sell Kewpee and Taste Tour coupon books to cover the fundraising deposit.