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Since the fall of 2001, Lima Central Catholic has offered an on-campus Allied Health Curriculum in cooperation with Rhodes State College.   LCC’s Allied Health Curriculum is for students interested in pursuing careers in healthcare including: nursing, dental hygiene, emergency medical services technology, medical assisting technology, medical imaging technology, nutrition and food management, occupational therapy assistance technology, physical therapy assistance technology and respiratory care technology.

This program offers a block of college classes to students in both their junior and senior years.  Upon graduation from LCC, students have the opportunity to complete 16 hours of college level course work from Rhodes State College. Proof of acceptable work completed through the Allied Health Curriculum may result in a scholarship to finish any of the above programs at Rhodes.

Students enrolled in a Rhodes State College class are permitted to utilize the Academic Success Center located on the Rhodes State College campus. The Center offers tutoring services, workshops, seminars and resources for all enrolled students. All services offered through the Center are free.


Incoming juniors or seniors interested in the Allied Health Curriculum should contact the Guidance Office. Students must pay a $25 application fee but tuition is generally covered under the Post Secondary Enrollment Option through the state of Ohio if funds are available.

Rhodes Courses Offered at LCC:

Junior Allied Health Curriculum:

  • PSY 1010 – Psychology (Fall Semester) – 3 credit hours
  • SOC 1010- Sociology (Spring Semester) – 3 credit hours

Senior Allied Health Curriculum:

  • BHS 1390 – Medical Terminology (Fall Semester) – 2 credit hours
  • BIO 1110 – Anatomy and Physiology I – 4 credit hours
  • BIO 1120 – Anatomy and Physiology II – 4 credit hours

Rhodes State Transcript Request:

Click here to request a transcript from Rhodes State for College on Campus courses taken at LCC.