Mr. Kent KrogmanHonors English 10, CP English 11, CP English 12, Speech


Mrs. Noel CordleRSC College English 11, RSC College English 12, Honors English 9Broadcast Journalism
Mrs. Brooke Schmerge
English 9, CP English 9, CP English 10, Broadcast Journalism
Mrs. Megan Etzkorn –  Yearbook
Mrs. Barb Schmiedebusch – Teen Leadership

Summer Reading

Lima Central Catholic students participate in summer reading prior to the start of each school year. Students are expected to have the books completed prior to the first day of class.  Assessments and/or assignments will be given when school resumes.

Click here for the 2018 summer reading requirements.

Course: English 9
Course #: 121
Pre-Requisite: None
Credit: 1

This course will cover the novel, poetry, dramatic works and a work of William Shakespeare.  Vocabulary will be developed through literature.  Narrative, persuasive and expository writing will be taught and practiced using the writing process.  Basic grammar and usage skills as they relate to writing will be reviewed.  Fewer pieces of literature and fewer writing assignments will be required due to the added emphasis and practice given to organizational and study skills.

Course: C.P.  English 9
Course #: 122
Pre-Requisite: None
Credit: 1

This course is designed to develop and strengthen communication and critical thinking skills.  Its focus is the study of literature, reflective and directive writing, and vocabulary.  Writings include personal narrative, character analysis reflective essay, cause and effect essay, comparison contrast essay and creative writing.  Literature studies will incorporate novels, poetry, short stories, dramatic works and non-fiction.

Course: Honors English 9
Course #: 123
Pre-Requisite: Recommendation of their English teacher, have scored well on the Placement Test and on the writing prompt administered the same day as the Placement Test.
Credit: 1

Honors English emphasizes higher level thinking skills such as analyzing, interpreting and problem solving.  The student will be required to apply these skills while reading numerous novels, drama and poetry.  Students are required to develop their oral communication skills using formal and informal presentations and through class discussions.  Vocabulary is developed and grammar continually reviewed.  Students will write numerous essays, including personal narrative, character analysis, researched persuasive essay, and numerous responses to literature.


Course: C.P.  English 10
Course #: 222
Pre-Requisite: None
Credit: 1

This course builds upon the skills learned at the freshman level.  The course has a heavy focus on novels, while also providing instruction on short stories, poetry and drama.  The students will continue with character analysis, comparison contrast and creative writing.  They will be instructed in the research process, culminating in a formal research paper.  Vocabulary is developed and grammar continually reviewed.

Course: Honors English 10
Course #: 223
Pre-Requisite: Recommendation of their English teacher.
Credit: 1
This course continues to encourage and strengthen communication and critical thinking.  A variety of literary works, in genres such as poetry, drama, short story, novel and non-fiction will be used to develop critical reading and comprehension skills.  Particular emphasis will be placed on the development of writing skills, through reflective writing, such as journaling, and directed or prompted writing.  The students develop their own thesis statements for written work.  Essays will include, but not be limited to, argumentation, expository writing, research essays, creative writing, and literary response.

Course: Speech
Course #: 593
Pre-Requisite: None
Credit: .5

Students learn the basis and process of communication, barriers to communication, and different forms of interpersonal communication.  Students will create outlines for speeches performed.  Students will focus on informative, persuasive, descriptive and entertaining speaking.  Students will work on oral interpretation and debate skills.

Course: C.P.  English 11
Course #:322
Pre-Requisite: None
Credit: 1

The reading in this course focuses on the American literature canon.  The course will strengthen skills related to reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and formal and informal ways of talking about literature.  Writing builds from the writing completed at the sophomore level, including persuasion, speech writing, narrative writing and comparison contrast essays.  A research paper is required.  Students begin to write responses to literature with special focus on the structure, purpose and process of argumentation and critical analysis.

Course: College English 11 (Rhodes)
Course #: 323
Pre-Requisite: Honors English 10, Recommendation of their English teacher
Credit: 1

The literature component emphasizes the significant contributions of the ethnic populations of the United States from the establishment of the colonies to the present. Students will develop skills related to critical reading and comprehension.  The writing in the class will be directed by the literary selections to include analysis, argumentation, and criticism.  All writing will work to improve five major areas:  focus, development, style, organization and grammar.

Course: C.P. English 12
Course #:422
Pre-Requisite: None
Credit: 1

This course focuses on reading, vocabulary, formal and informal speech, reflective and directive writing.  It includes studies of English and world literature from the Anglo-Saxon period through the Twenty-first century.  Emphasis will be placed on literary response, argumentation, and critical analysis and researched essays.

Course: College English 12 (Rhodes)
Course #: 423
Pre-Requisite: College English 12, Recommendation of their English teacher
Credit: 1

The reading in this course is organized by genre, exploring the distinctive qualities of drama, the novel, poetry and the short story.  The reading includes selections from both British and American authors.  The writing in the course builds from the critical analyses taught at the eleventh grade level with a special emphasis on achieving complexity and length, while maintaining focus.


Course: Journalism I (Juniors & Seniors)
Course #:125
Pre-Requisite: None
Credit: .1

This course is a comprehensive introduction to journalism, covering how news is produced and delivered, how news organizations work, and how audiences react to and interact with the news media.  The course will offer basic instruction in the fundamental practices of journalism; reporting, writing, editing and publishing.  Students will develop these basic skills through the production of The TBIRD TIMES, an LCC community newspaper.

Course: Visual Media (Seniors)
Course #:127
Pre-Requisite: Journalism I
Credit: 1

A second year of Journalism is designed for those seniors who are serious writers and wish to continue the course and serve as senior staff of The T-BIRD TIMES.

Course: The Center for Academic Excellence
Course #: 800
Pre-Requisite: For students who struggle with academic performance. There will be an interview process with the Intervention Specialist and the Principal prior to being accepted and scheduled into this class.
Credit: 1
The Center for Academic Excellence provides equitable opportunities for Catholic education to
students of all ability levels. Students will be provided with strategies to overcome learning
challenges. Study skills, organizational skills, reviewing of grades, cross over activities, social skills,
work habits and other areas will be worked on during this time. This is not a study hall, but a time to learn new and necessary skills that students will implement in their classes.

Course: Teen Leadership (Juniors & Seniors)
Course #: 900
Credit: 1
The Teen Leadership Corps curriculum is designed to engage its students in a meaningful set of community service activities: planning, community education, budgeting, volunteer recruitment and management, public relations and fundraising. Inthis class, teams of students will design and
implement a coordinated series of projects related to Teen Leadership Corps’ primary mission of
intergenerational service to the school and community. The Lima class is part of the greater
Northwest Ohio organization. All service hours required for this class, do coincide with the LCC service hours requirement.